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Cross-cultural Training for Impatriates

Cross-cultural Training for Impatriates
Working with people from different cultures provides many opportunities, at the same time there is also the risk of misunderstanding and conflict which can quickly doom business and projects to failure.

For this reason it is necessary to truly understand the German mentality, behavioral patterns and communication codes. As well, awareness of how ones own behavior could be perceived by others is essential for successful cooperation with German companies.
Seminarziel:   To enhance participants competence in working successfully in German business surroundings.
Inhalt: • The most important dos and donts in social and business etiquette
• Building trust in business relations with German companies
• Stereotypes and self-reflection
• German cultural standards in business
• Communication: how to achieve effective collaboration when interacting with colleagues,
in meetings, when writing emails, on the telephone, and when communicating face-to-face
Zielgruppe:   Employees and business people who would like to gain a deeper insight into the hidden rules as well as dos and donts in German companies.

The workshop-participants are asked to bring their own experiences with German colleagues and business partners. These experiences and other case studies will be discussed during the workshop, reflecting upon common cultural standards in German companies.
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